Mental Health Information

American Psychological Association Help Center (brochures, articles and tips on psychology issues)
American Psychiatric Association
Directory of self help organizations and support groups
Healthy Place
iPhone Apps Reviews for Mental Health, Psychology and Personal Growth
Psychology Today
Wise Counsel (consumer-focused podcast on mental health, wellness and psychotherapy)


Children & Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (CHADD)
International Dyslexia Association
LD online
Learning Disabilities Association of America

Barkley, Russell A. (2000). Taking Charge of ADHD:  The Complete, Authoritative Guide for Parents. Guilford Press.
Garber, Garber, & Spizman. Beyond Ritalin:  Facts about medication and other strategies for helping children, adolescents, and adults with AD/HD.
Giler, J., Ph.D. Socially ADDept:  A Manual for parents of children with AD/HD and/or learning disabilities.
Hallowell & Ratey. (1995). Driven to Distraction. New York: Simon & Schuster.
Irvin, J.L., & Rose, E.D.  Starting Early with Study Skills:  A Week by Week Guide for Elementary Students.
Levine, MD.  (1993). All Kinds of Minds.  Cambridge, MA: Educators Publishing Service, Inc.
Quinn, P., & Stern, J.  (1991). Putting on the Brakes:  Young People’s Guide to Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  New York:  Magination Press. (ages 8-12)


Effective Child Therapy (information on child and adolescent symptoms and treatment)
"The Grouchies"--iPad application that shows kids and parents tips, and simple and fun ways, to turn around a bad mood

Corkille Brigg, D. Your Child's Self Esteem.


Depression/Mood Disorders

International Foundation for Research & Education on Depression
mood chart
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
Northernlight Technologies (light therapy products)
Phillips (light therapy products)


Domestic Violence

Empowering Youth to End Domestic Violence (resources for young survivors, including dating violence)
Healthy LGBTQ Relationships (and resources for LGBTQ survivors of intimate partner violence)
The National Domestic Violence Hotline--800-799-SAFE (7233)
Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN)--800-656-HOPE (4673)


Healthy Internet Use

MedlinePlus Guide to Healthy Web Surfing (tips for evaluating quality of online health information)
Tips for young people on responsible online behavior
Websites You Can Trust (Medical Library Association)



Centers for Disease Control & Prevention—Q & A


Parenting/family issues

On Parenting (new, events and blog for parents)
Parenting & relationship advice (podcast)
Parents Helping Parents

Forehand, R. & Long, N. Parenting the Strong-Willed Child.
Kazdin, A. (2008). The Kazdin Method for Parenting the Defiant Child. New York: Houghton Mifflin.
Webster-Stratton, C. The Incredible Years.

Sexual Orientation

A Free Gay / Gay Friendly Health Professional Directory for the LGBT Community – Doctors, Dentists, Health Practitioners of all specialities. No Cost or Obligation
Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit (Metropolitan Police Dept. 24 hour pager) (202)824-0707
LEAD with Love  (documentary for parents of LGBT kids)
LGBTQ Youth Bullying Prevention
Sexual Minority Youth Assitance League
The Trevor Project  (crisis and suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth)


Stress/Relaxation & Anxiety

Anxiety Disorders Association of America
Health Journeys (download relaxation exercises)
Learning Meditation
Washington Center for Consciousness Studies (online meditation)


Substance Abuse

Alcoholics Anonymous
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Web of Addictions


Teacher's Aids

Practical Classroom Management
Teaching module on bullying


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