Initial Consultation

Our first meeting (or several meetings, as necessary), to assess if we may be a good psychotherapy “match”.  Most important is the clients’ confidence that they can develop trust and comfort in therapy with me.


Individual Psychotherapy

(45 minutes)  One-on-one therapy/counseling sessions. For adults, this typically involves "talk therapy". For children, this may involve a combination of play therapy and/or talk therapy.


Group Psychotherapy

(75 minutes)  For those who, with the aid of their individual psychotherapist, believe they may benefit from a group therapy setting.  My groups range in size from four to eight members, vary demographically, and members present with a broad range of issues.  The following link may help you in deciding if group therapy may be right for you:  Information about group psychotherapy


Couples Counseling

(45 minutes)  To work on making a relationship healthier, enhancing communication,  and resolving problematic issues, and to decide on the healthiest course for the relationship or to disengage amicably.  I counsel couples of all sexual orientations.


Family Therapy & Parenting

(45 minutes)  Counseling that focuses on improving difficult family dynamics that may be affecting a child’s behavior and emotions.  Family therapy sessions sometimes involve only parents, and sometimes parents and children.


Consultation and Workshops

(time varies)  I consult with individuals, schools and organizations, often serving as a resource for teachers and school staff to better understand students' needs.  Workshop topic areas include the understanding of educational and intellectual testing results, learning differences and learning disabilities, attention problems, classroom management for teachers, and stress management. Presentations can be geared toward specific groups, such as parents, teachers, or employees.  I am also willing to consult and/or develop workshops on additional subjects within my expertise upon request.


Retreat Facilitation

Allows me to utilize both my therapy and teaching backgrounds. A variety of groups have requested I act as a facilitator for one-day and overnight retreats.